Oldřich Vetešník

Hi, I am a Ruby developer from Czechia.

Development Highlights

There are a few things I wrote that may be useful (or not):


Parse and access RSS/RDF/Atom feeds with a uniform interface.


A smallish (Ruby) library to talking to AfterShip via v4 API.


Yet another Maybe monad implementation for Ruby.


Deep duplicate Ruby objects.

Duration Estimate

Do something to a collection of items and see how long it is goingto take. Useful for long-running Rake tasks.

Geo Mercator

This is just a tiny library which abstracts away working with GPS points and bounds on the Mercator map.


A Ruby progress-bar tool showing how many hours you have worked, should have worked and will have worked.


This is a simple Ruby command-line application to display upcoming and past events like birthdays, namedays and payments.

Where Is It?

A simple Rails app for keeping track of projects with tags and ajax goodies. I often forget where what is so now I will know.

Want To Work With Me?

Send me an e-mail to oldrich.vetesnik [at] gmail.com, you can also find me on Twitter or GitHub.

My repositories on GitHub small (ordered by modification date)

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